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Call for Papers

The Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science is a new peer-reviewed scholarly journal in theoretical computer science. The journal is committed to becoming a forum for significant results on theoretical aspects of all topics in Computer Science, with a particular emphasis on the areas of research of the editorial board, listed below.

Editor in chief:
Janos Simon (
Consulting editors:
Managing editor:
Michael J. O'Donnell (

Journal Format

Articles are submitted and published in LaTeX source form, using the AMS-LaTeX packages when appropriate, and distributed internationally over the InterNet. Articles are augmented by refereed forward references to improvements and subsequent related work. Readers may obtain articles through ftp, Gopher, and World Wide Web (e.g., using Mosaic or Netscape). Other widely used network tools will be supported as they arise in the future. The Journal is committed to minimizing publication delays, and to promoting maximum flexibility in the ways that readers use the journal for teaching, research, and scholarship. Readers' license is limited only as required to insure fair attribution to authors and the journal, and to prohibit use in a competing commercial product. In addition, the journal will publish, when appropriate, papers with unusual requirements, such as extreme length, experimental data, or computer programs.

Submission of Articles

Articles are submitted in LaTeX source format, with separate BIBTeX bibliography, and encapsulated PostScript figures where appropriate, by InterNet mail to Full instructions for authors are available on the network, as described below.

Reviewing, Revision, Publication

The editors of the Journal will review each new or revised article as promptly as possible, normally within 6 weeks of receipt, returning one or more referee reports to the contact author and a decision to accept, reject, or require revisions. Upon acceptance, the Journal requires 10 working days for copy editing, after which the LaTeX source of the article is placed immediately in the network servers for access by readers.

More Information

More information, including detailed instructions for authors, and LaTeX style files to aid authors and readers, is available through

World Wide Web
Anonymous ftp
Network mail

This document in LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, ASCII.

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